The Fox Who Had Lost His Tail

A fox, caught in a trap, escaped by tearing off his bushy tail.

After that, the other animals mocked him, making him feel so ashamed that his life was a burden to him.  He therefore worked out a plan to make all the other foxes the same as him, so that in their common loss he might better conceal his own deprivation.

He called a meeting of foxes. A good many came to it, and he gave a speech, advising them all to cut off their tails. He said that they would not only look much better without them, but that they would get rid of the weight of the brush, which was a very great inconvenience.

But one of them interrupted his speech.

“If you had not lost your own tail, my friend,” that fox said, “you would not be giving us this advice.”

Aesop 6th century BC

Let us hope that the alpha-male  US  fox, at the forthcoming meeting of all the foxes in Copenhagen in December 2009, remembers this fable, and understands its meaning, when listening to the pleas of all those foxes from Continental Europe who have already cut off their own tails, and now beg those that are yet not disfigured to mutilate themselves likewise.

If the big US fox is insufficiently smart to heed the fable, one can rest assured that the smarter foxes from India and the People’s Republic of China will prove to be adept at retaining their brushes so that they can mock and humiliate  the  now incredibly shrinking, debrushed US fox.

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8 Responses to “The Fox Who Had Lost His Tail”

  1. UNRR Says:

    This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 12/9/2009, at The Unreligious Right

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  7. Jason Says:

    This is the most moronic misunderstanding of:

    1 – The fable
    2 – What Copenhagen is for
    3 – How the world works; and
    4 – Life

    I’ve ever seen in such a short post. I suppose I should extend my congratulations.

  8. davey2010 Says:

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