Boehner to Obama: take us over the cliff of no return

The break-down of bargaining between Barack Obama and John Boehner was predictable from the outset. Unfortunately, no one, however smart,  who has to carry his GOP majority in the House, can bargain with a low-IQ  President who believes that a fractional popular-vote majority has provided him with dictatorial powers.

The President can threaten John Boehner with:  ‘Your money or your life’. He cannot credibly threaten the GOP majority in the People’s chamber. So both parties come up empty-handed. Ultimately this outcome may be good news for the Republic.

The time has come for almost all Americans to confront their own individual responsibilities for the debt crisis. Let me be blunt. Almost all Americans –  except the truly wealthy –  have taken more out of the Federal Treasury that they have put back in. That is how huge debts pile up. Like all profligates, the time comes when they have to reverse course or face the harshness of the debtors’ prison. Atlas, finally, has shrugged.

The so-called fiscal cliff is no accident of fate. It was legislated by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the current President. It is the law of the land in the absence of any new legislation. So welcome it with open arms as a first down-payment on profligacy. Surely do not allow any reversal to occur after January 1, 2013, unless it adds further down-payments in the form of aggressive public spending cuts.

The President has lifted his bayonet and scrambled over the top. No one will follow him. There is no sense in providing a fool with protective cover.  Soon enough, I am quite sure, that particular President will be rushing back into his own trenches, once he comprehends the devastated second term that lies ahead of such arrogant stupidity.


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