Law enforcement agency conceals Trayvon Martin criminal records

Sanford Police Department publicly stated, after Martin’s death on February 26, 2012, that the youngster had no criminal record whatsoever; that he was a good kid, a mild mannered kid. This was a flat-out lie, albeit one swallowed eagerly by a media desperate to find yet another white on black murder.

What really happened was that Martin had the singular good affirmative action fortune to attend school in the Miami-Dade School District, the fourth largest district in the country, and one of a very few that has its own police department.As part of its mission – egged on by President Obama and leading black activists – M-DSPD introduced a policy of diverting offending students,especially black males, from the criminal justice system.

To this end they suspended black male criminals for varying periods from school, while falsely registering their crimes as school infringements. Trayvon Martin was suspended from school in this manner on two occasions. On the first occasion, he was apprehended with a box of burglary tools in his possession together a large collection of stolen women’s jewels. On the second occasion, he was apprehended with marijuana and drug equipment in his possession.

If this information had been presented in court, during the Zimmerman trial, it would have imposed an entirely different perspective on the criminal background of Trayvon Martin. However the six white women jury was never granted the respect of accessing that information.

So all credit to the jury for seeing through the lies of the black activists howling for Zimmerman’s conviction. Sadly, the story is yet far from over. Media pressure is building across the country to ignore double-jeopardy protection for acquitted defendants, to use civil rights litigation to place Zimmerman on trial again, no doubt on this occasion with an all-black jury selected by Al Sharpton.

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5 Responses to “Law enforcement agency conceals Trayvon Martin criminal records”

  1. OyiaBrown Says:

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  2. Aussie Says:

    You are a bit late coming to this particular party!!

    From the outset of the case, it was rumoured that Trayvon Martin was not so innocent. Let’s start with the fact that he was serving a 10 day suspension because a baggie containing remnants of cannabis was found in his school bag.

    On a separate earlier occasion stolen goods and a burglary tool were found in his bag. Apparently the jewellery in question has been returned to the legal owner. The house that was burgled was close to the High School that he attended.

    The school records are one thing, but it was the evidence on Trayvon Martin’s cellphone that is actually proof that he was violent and enjoyed fights. Text messages to his friends proved that he wanted to see his victims bleeding, and even claimed one person he had beaten, “there was not enough blood” (words to that effect).

    The school records were not included in the trial, but the records were known to the defense team. Ditto for what was contained on the cellphone, including conversations about buying a gun, as well as pictures of TM holding a gun etc.

    You have only touched on a portion of the story, and the much bigger story is the fact that Miami-Dade county had put in place a policy of not charging these young miscreants with a felony. Instead they were using what is known as the Baker Act. Few know that Miami-Dade police chief Hurley lost his job over this issue.

    The women in the jury did a great job. The fact is that it was a clear case of self-defense if ever there was one.

    Trayvon Martin had sufficient time to reach Brandi Green’s condo and totally disappear from sight, yet he chose to double back to the T, to lay in wait and to viciously attack George Zimmerman.

    Please note I have not even discussed the implication of the 2 items purchased from the store, being Arizona Watermelon Juice and Skittles. The item missing was Robittussen with DXM as an ingredient.

  3. Olivier Braun Says:

    Dear Professor Rowley,

    It has been a month since your last post. I suppose that the holidays are responsible for that, and hope that you are well.

    I miss your blogging.

  4. Aussie Says:

    Charles, where are you?

    Today is the day for Australia to reverse the last 6 years. It looks good for a change of government and once again the adults will be in charge.

  5. l4k Says:

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