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Dominique Strauss-Kahn nails himself as a scumbag

November 30, 2012

Le Monde today announces that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has agreed to settle the civil case brought by the New York chamber maid for rape and sexual assault by paying her $6 million in damages. Behind the settlement is alleged evidence accumulated by the plaintiff that DSK is a serial predator on hotel maid prey.

Sadly, the scumbag will not pay this sum, at least for now, out of his own  empty pockets. He is to borrow half from unnamed sources and the other half from his pathetic wife, Anne Sinclair, who is in the process, not before time,  of divorcing him.

It is a sad commentary on the world that we inhabit that such a predator is likely to recoup his outlays on the lecture circuit. Even in morally degraded  France, that is a sorry indicator of continuing decline and fall.

The fact that DSK was once trained as a professional economist would embarrass me were it not for the additional fact that he was  badly educated as a Keynesian economist. Socialists and progressives of the world, hang down your heads and cry. He is one of yours’!


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