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Dominique Strauss-Kahn nails himself as a scumbag

November 30, 2012

Le Monde today announces that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has agreed to settle the civil case brought by the New York chamber maid for rape and sexual assault by paying her $6 million in damages. Behind the settlement is alleged evidence accumulated by the plaintiff that DSK is a serial predator on hotel maid prey.

Sadly, the scumbag will not pay this sum, at least for now, out of his own  empty pockets. He is to borrow half from unnamed sources and the other half from his pathetic wife, Anne Sinclair, who is in the process, not before time,  of divorcing him.

It is a sad commentary on the world that we inhabit that such a predator is likely to recoup his outlays on the lecture circuit. Even in morally degraded  France, that is a sorry indicator of continuing decline and fall.

The fact that DSK was once trained as a professional economist would embarrass me were it not for the additional fact that he was  badly educated as a Keynesian economist. Socialists and progressives of the world, hang down your heads and cry. He is one of yours’!

Strauss-Kahn’s wife no longer stands by her man

November 14, 2011

Anne Sinclair – who stood by Dominique Strauss-Kahn when he allegedly raped a cleaning lady in a New York hotel, and when he was accused of sexual assault in France – has finally run out of spousal affection for her ‘adorable’ husband. The final straw is growing evidence that DSK was a client of an international prostitution network that has come under criminal investigation in France for deploying under-age prostitutes.

According to the French newspaper, Le Figaro, Ms. Sinclair has decided to abandon her man.  More than that, she is demanding that DSK reimburse her for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that she expended on his defense in New York. Fat chance that the fat one will comply to that request! He will need everything that he can hold onto to finance his sexploitation of women and young girls world- wide into an  indefinite unmarried and unemployable future.

Le Figaro states that Ms. Sinclair is tired of the ‘endless pathetic disclosures’ about the man once tipped as the next President of  France who is now viewed (at best) as a Gallic Silvio Berlusconi.

The evidence of DSK’s  extensive participation in the prostitution scandal grows by the day.  Police sources in France say that recorded telephone conversations link him with Beatrice Legrain, a former prostitute now imprisoned in Belgium along with Dominique Alderweired, her partner, on charges of pimping.  ‘Bea’ is alleged to have met DSK for a sex party ‘behind a purple curtain’ in a Paris nightclub in 2009.  ‘Mounia’, another prostitute told police that she had been paid to have sex with DSK.  ‘He did not rape me, but you got the impression that he liked rough sex’, she stated under questioning.

Last week, text messages allegedly sent by DSK to Fabrice Paszkowski, a businessman from Calais, who is held on suspicion of pimping, were leaked to the media, with claims that they had been found by the police.  In those messages, DSK allegedly suggested trips to European nightspots with young prostitutes.

DSK’s lawyers do not dispute the messages. They simply deny that DSK committed any criminal offence. That denial will rest eventually on whether DSK paid for sex with under-age prostitutes.

In the meantime, DSK’s wife, finally is gone, DSK’s political career, hopefully, is over even in libidinous France, and DSK has taken to biting his finger nails until they bleed as he contemplates a future less palatable to him than his lust-filled, wife-financed past. 

As for Anne Sinclair, well she would be well advised to undergo a medical examination for the wide variety of venereal diseases to which she may have been unwittingly exposed.

Hat Tip:  November 14, 2011. (gated)


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