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Let the runaway train go over the cliff

December 6, 2012

With the Grim Reaper as engineer, the runaway train is accelerating towards the fiscal cliff, throttle wide-open and no brakes applied. Eyes black and hollow, thin gaunt face devoid of emotion, and middle finger raised to his wealthy passengers in the front carriages of the train, the Engineer imposes high ransom demands for his human freight and shuts down communications with those who would bargain for their release.

There comes a time in such a circumstance where outsiders must accept reality. The Engineer is indeed out of control. Cheered on by less wealthy passengers in the rear compartments of the train, he intends to release the rear compartments, vacate his engine, and allow engine and front compartments to topple over the cliff, should his ransom not be approved.

One weapon and one weapon only remains under the control of those opposed to the Engineer’s demands. Make sure that the entire train remains coupled. If the runaway engine indeed goes over the cliff, then the entire train must go with it, not just the few front compartments. If the Engineer truly is out of control then this will come to pass. If he retains any element of rationality, then now is the time for him to apply the brakes. If the train wreck indeed occurs then a clear signal is emitted that those who cheer on the Grim Reaper will also reap the fate of those he comes to claim.

The time may well have come for those opposed to President Obama’s ransom demands to signal that all bargaining is over. The train must run its course and go over a fiscal cliff that will claim all federal income tax paying Americans, and many additional Americans who currently do not pay federal income taxes ¬†back into the Clinton era tax environment until genuine debt elimination procedures are put in place. At least, more Americans henceforth ¬†would confront a personal price when public expenditures increase.


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