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Susan Rice: Diplomat from Hell

December 4, 2012

1. Member National Security Council April 1994

The Rwanda genocide began in April 1994. Susan Rice then served as a member of President Clinton’s National Security Council.  The Clinton administration went to great lengths to avoid any involvement in this episode.  Susan Rice offered appalling words of advice in Slick Willie’s ear:

‘At an interagency teleconference in late April (1994)’ writes Samantha Power in her book, ‘A Problem From Hell’, Ms. Rice “stunned a few officials present when she asked, ‘If we use the word “genocide” and are seen as doing nothing, what will the effect be on the November [congressional] election?’. Bret Stephens, ‘Failing Up With Susan Rice’, The Wall Street Journal, December 4, 2012

2. Assistant Secretary for Africa 1997

While serving as Assistant Secretary for Africa in the Clinton administration in 1997, Susan Rice cozied up to some of the most corrupt and ruthless strongmen in Africa:

“The best account of Ms. Rice’s time in that office comes from a 2000 article in Current History by Peter Rosenblum of Columbia University. Ms. Rice was the architect of a policy that invested heavily in a new crop of African leaders – Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia; Isaias Afewerki  in Eritrea; Yoweri Museveni in Uganda; Paul Kagame in Rwanda – presumed to be more progressive minded than their predecessors…the leaders in whom she invested her faith would all become typical African strongmen, with human-rights records to match.” Bret Stephens, ibid.

3.  Assistant Secretary for Africa 1998

In May 1998, Susan Rice was sent to mediate a peace plan between warring Ethiopia and Eritrea. Bear in mind that the leaders of these two nations were members of her investment list of outstanding African leaders. Rice announced the terms of a plan agreed upon only by Ethiopia, announcing that Eritrea would simply have to accept it.  Isaias Afewerki understandably  responded angrily, rejecting the plan and heaping abuse on  Rice. Shortly afterwards, war broke out between the two countries, a war in which 100,000 souls would perish.

“Susan Rice was summoned back to Washington in early June after the negotiations collapsed. Insiders agree that the secretary of state (Madeleine Albright) was furious.  According to one, Rice was essentially ‘put on probation,’ kept in Washington where the secretary could keep an eye on her. ‘Susan had misread ther situation completely,’ according to one State Department insider, who observed the conflict with Albright. ‘She came in like a scoutmaster, lecturing them on how to behave and having a public tantrum when they didn’t act the way she wanted.'” Bret Stephens, ibid.

And this is the Witch from Hell that Barack Obama would vault into the office of Secretary of State?



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