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How nasty is Newtie?

February 7, 2012

To all intents and purposes, Newt Gingrich has spent his presidential bolt.  Thrashed in Florida and Nevada, heavily in campaign debt, his message of hope twisted into a calumny of rage and envy of Mitt Romney, this ex-professor, ex-Speaker, ex-lobbyist, several time loser, confronts the most significant lifetime loss of all – his unrealistic dream of occupying the White House.

The character question that now confronts this twisted personality is whether to weaken the presidential chances of the Republican Party by continuing to besmirch  the character of the most decent man in America’s political arena, or whether to act, for once, like a statesman, and quit the field with what dignity he has left, in order to allow the GOP to take up arms against the real enemy, President Barack Obama.

From the record of his infamous past, the expectation must be that the Nasty Newtie will prevail and that he will carry his message of hate and destruction right throiugh to the GOP Convention in Tampa.

At 68 years of age, Newt Gingrich can have no realistic expectation of ever running again for the nation’s most prestigious office. So a decision to quit will not come easily, especially for a man whose third marriage is to a woman some quarter of a century his junior, who undoubtedly covets the position of First Lady much as her husband eyes the presidency.

That is the nature of life in the fast lane, however, when only one contestant can win. Newt Gingrich is no Seabiscuit, and his third wife should have been aware of that when she stepped on the unsuspecting toes of wife number two, just as wife number 2 had stepped on the unsuspecting toes of wife number one, so many years ago. Better sometimes to go quietly into the dark night than to soar high and then self-destruct, like a Roman Candle on the Fourth of July.


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