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Obama gets his wish: Egypt lurches to Islamic dictatorship

November 29, 2012

Egypt slipped yet further yesterday towards an Islamic dictatorship.  Supporters of President Morsi’s coup d’etat announced a plan to march on Saturday to Tahrir Square to remove protesting secular and Christian congregants who still naively  believe that the Arab Spring was designed to bring democracy to Egypt.  A stony silence still emanates from the White House, where President Obama and his cabinet continue to gloat over the promised imposition of Sharia rule over Egypt.

Those who now find themselves dispossessed mount a futile challenge to the new autocracy. Egypt’s appellate court judges joined the protest yesterday, announcing a strike against any further legal business until Mr. Morsi rescinds his dictatorial decree.  Egypt’s highest judicial panel, the Supreme Constitutional Court, threatened to dissolve the 100-member Islamic -controlled assembly that is writing the new constitution.

Mr. Morsi no doubt will respond in the dismissive and contemptuous vein of Napoleon Bonaparte’s retort to the challenge from the Vatican as his Imperial Army surged across continental Europe: ‘How many divisions has the Pope?’

Mr. Morsi knows full well that President Obama –  fueled by the pro-Islamic chants of his three witches, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers –  is busy funding the Egyptian military in order to make sure that Islamic dictatorship will continue to rule across the Middle East’s most populous nation, at least for the next four years.

” ‘Egypt is lost for good, said Mona El-ashry, 39, a pharmacist. ‘Today, the Muslim Brotherhood decided to occupy Egypt. The Muslim Brothers do not treat Egyptians as one family.  They impose everything on the people and will never leave the throne.’ ” Charles McPhedran and Daria Solovieva, ‘Power struggle in Egypt raises the fear of civil war’, The Washington Times, November 29, 2012


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