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Obama and Clinton support Hamas, Islamic Brotherhood and Morsi Dictatorship

November 23, 2012

In a typically cynical, anti-Israel maneuver, President Obama and Secretary of  State Clinton have extended their pro-Islam foreign policy. Working hand-in-hand with Islamic Brotherhood President Morsi in Egypt, and with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, they have imposed a humiliating cease-fire on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Israel.

This intervention threatens ugly consequences for the entire Middle East, raising expectations of Palestinians in their bid to eliminate the state of Israel, and encouraging the emergence of a new Islamic dictatoship across Egypt.  President Morsi, basking in the after-glow of  Clinton’s warm embrace,  has been quick to assume autocratic powers and to shut down the last vestiges of the so-called Arab Spring.

Secular Egyptians and Coptic Christians alike can respond only by throwing stones at members of the Islamic Brotherhood and burning such Islamic Brotherhood buildings as they can. With the Egyptian military in the pay of a pro-Islamic, U.S. administration, their hopes of freedom from any Arab spring are now long traduced, as was the clear Obama intent from the beginning of the intervention, initially bubbled in the White House cauldron by the three Obama witches – Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers.

You now stand alone, Israel. Learn well from this U.S. betrayal and fight for your continued existence as the only true democracy in the Middle East.



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