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Benghazi-gate: all the President’s men and women

November 20, 2012

Following the testimony of General Petraeus before the Senate  last week, I am now prepared to accuse President Barack Obama of a major cover-up on the Benghazi consulate catastrophe.

This is how the cover-up was put in place:

1. The CIA was aware from the first minutes of the attack, that an al Qaeda affiliate had targeted an under-protected United States consulate in Benghazi. As Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, General Petraeus was notified of this intelligence.  General Petraeus immediately notified the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta,  the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and President Obama, of this atrocity.

2. President Obama, in the middle of a close-run election, and on the advice of his Chicago campaign hacks, immediately determined to  shut down any reference to a terrorist attack until after November 6, 2012. The atrocity would be down-played as a consequence of mob hysteria emanating from a viedo-tape deemed to be disrespectful of the Prophet Mohammed.

3. President Obama first plays the Paula Broadwell card to shut down Petraeus. The General, desperate to keep his job, determines to place his own interests above those of his nation. By publicly indicating that mob hysteria provoked the atrocity, Petraeus covers Obama’s back.

4.  With Petraeus in the bag, Obama now silences the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense.  Both individuals are aware of the lie, and are unwilling to put their personal reputations heavily on the line.

5. So with Witch Number 1 sidelined, Obama turns to Witch Number 2, the unsuspecting Susan Rice. Fed with the lie, and ignorant of the truth, Rice goes hog-wild on the media pumping out the mob hysteria story.

6.  With the election over and won, the time has come  for Obama to take down a General whom he never liked and always feared politically. So the Paula Broadwell story is released, and General Petraeus resigns.

7. However, with little or nothing now to lose, the General comes relatively clean before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Even though he is not placed under oath – and that shows the depths to which the Democratic-controlled Senate has descended –  Petraeus at last demonstrates why he carries all those medals on his chest.

8. Now we impatiently  await a 21st century Woodward and Bernstein to unravel the entire dirty plot. Deep-Throat is already defined. DP are the abbreviated letters through which that shadowy figure is already identified.



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