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The New Libya to impose fundamentalist Sharia Law

October 25, 2011

New Libya is off to the kind of splendid start that will surely warm the heart of  United States president, Barack Obama. 

President Obama’s 2011 strategy for American involvement with alleged terrorists is to ‘whack’ them with drone missiles rather than to capture them and to bring them to trial. The Libyan rebels followed suit late last week by ‘whacking’ Colonel Gadhafi while he was held helplessly in their grip, without concerning themselves with the complexities of any due process criminal trial for his alleged misdeeds.

President Obama is noticeably silent on issues of Islamic fundamentalism, surely much more so than President Bush. He has not yet proposed to promote polygamy within the United States, or to weaken the position of women.  But he is currently introducing an executive policy designed to  release under-water borrowers from a requirement to pay the market rate of interest on their mortgages.

Within days of the brutal execution of Colonel Gadhafi, the Interim Leader of the National Advisory Group that now rules Libya, affirmed that the new Libyan government will enforce a fundamentalist version of Sharia Law:

In his landmark speech on Sunday announcing the liberation of the country from the rule of Col. Muammer Gaddafi, Libya’s provisional leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil vowed to suspend the law requiring a man to obtain permission from his first wife before marrying a second one and to outlaw interest on loans in accord with fundamentalist Islamic rules…’As an Islamic country, we adopted sharia as the principal law’, Mr. Abdul Jalil said at the ceremony in the eastern city of Benghazi…’There are good intentions to regulate all banking law,’ he said. ‘we especially seek to establish Islamic banks that don’t deal with interest and abolish all banking interests in the future according to Islamic tradition.’   ‘Interest, he said ‘creates disease and hatred among people.’ Borzon Daragahi, ‘Interim leader shocks with talk of Islamic law’, Financial Times, October 25, 2011

Well done, Prime Minister  Cameron! Well done President Sarkozi!  Well done President Obama!  You have crafted well for the future of Libya!

Do pump precious Western taxpayers’ monies into taking Libya back to the Stone Age.  ‘Occupy Wall Street’ will surely appreciate your efforts!



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