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Wukan villagers prostrate themselves before Chinese Leviathan

December 22, 2011

Following 10 days of unprecedented defiance of the Communist Party of China, the leaders of Wukan,  a rebellious small fishing village in Southern China, prostrated themselves before Leviathan yesterday, knowing that prolonged defiance would lead to many deaths within their community, through government-imposed  thirst and starvation.

The vicious communist-fascist  thugs that now rule China are motivated only by personal greed and by fear for their own necks, should widespread revolution spread across the mainland. There is no remnant of noblesse oblige anywhere within Chairman Mao’s degraded system of governance. Sic semper tyrannis.

“By yesterday morning the tree trunk barricades that have blocked all entrances to Wukan village since December 11 were gone and villagers hung out a large sign ‘warmly welcoming’ senior government leaders as a cordon of armed police melted away…In text messages and TV broadcasts the government had warned on Tuesday that any more ‘disturbances’ could elicit another harsh crackdown.  ‘I think if we don’t cooperate with them, then it will do no good to either the villagers or the government,’ Mr. Lin said.” Jamil Anderlini, ‘Chinese village rebellion ends’, Financial Times, December 22, 2011

The village leaders naturally attempt to claim some benefits for their uprising. The claim is sadly but predictably pathetic.  The local communist party thugs have agreed to release three detained villagers.  The same thugs promise to investigate the death in policy custody of village leader Xue Shibo.  The same thugs also promise that the elected village leaders would not be viewed as criminals.  Whether those promises are upheld rests entirely on the whim of Leviathan, for their is no rule of law in the People’s Republic of China. The thugs and their vicious goon-enforcers will determine the measure of retribution that will be exacted on those helpless villagers.

The village had rebelled against the CPC because the latter had illegally seized village land in order to line its pockets with development monies. The rebellion has failed lamentably to redress that wrong, or even to have it investigated.

Such is always the case with tyrants. The sooner that the leaders of the People’s Republic of China and their rent-seeking supporters are overthrown and executed the better. When the Revolution comes, let us hope that the victorious rebels treat the CPC  leadership exactly as that leadership has treated them. That, after all, is the kind of equality that any good communist should welcome!

Hang the CPC  leaders and their cronies high, in the name of individual liberty!


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