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More on Edward Snowden

July 12, 2013

Today, Edward Snowden has accepted all three offers of political asylum – from Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela. He has applied for asylum in Russia until such time as his safe passage to Latin America can be secured. It is difficult to reach any of the three destinations from Russia without flying through United States or European territories

What a sorry situation this has become. A patriot who has alerted all countries including his own of massive surveillance by the United states government, is stranded until some method can be developed to get him out of Obama’s flight interceptions.

One method springs immediately to my mind. Vladimir Putin may decide to make a state visit to one of those countries, flying in his own Air Force One. Because of what happened recently to the President of Bolivia, Putin might let it be known that Russian advanced fighter planes will protect his flight from interference of any kind.

Then see how quickly President Obama and his international cronies will climb down and allow the flight to proceed.

Xi and Putin flip Obama and Holder the bird

June 24, 2013

In 1956, the United Kingdom confronted the reality that its days of Empire were finally over. In collaboration with France and Israel, the United Kingdom had asserted its authority over the Suez Canal overwhelming the Egyptian forces of Colonel Abdul Nasser. Britain took this action, as an imperial power, without consulting Washington.

U.S. president, Dwight D Eisenhower, was highly displeased with this autonomous action, that coincided with the USSR invading Hungary to put down a potential uprising, right in the middle of his re-election campaign. The British government was served with a warning that if the Allies failed to withdraw immediately from the Canal Zone, the United States would apply downward pressure on sterling. Sir Anthony Eden, the conservative Prime Minister, a great statesman who had served as Foreign Secretary to Prime Minister Winston Churchill from 1940 to Victory in Europe, and who had developed a close personal relationship with then General Eisenhower, reluctantly ordered withdrawal, thereby signaling the end of his own illustrious career, and, effectively, withdrawal of Britain’s imperial role, at least, East of Suez.

These past few days, President Obama must be reflecting on a similarsequence of events that have occurred under his weak and corrupt administration. No nation on earth now respects the political authority of the United States. U.S.influence in the Middle East is negligible, with the governments of Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Pakistan openly flexing their independence from the Stars and Stripes. China and the Russian Federation clearly signal that the United States is a paper tiger led by an incompetent President.

And now, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have publicly flipped President Obama and Attorney General Holder the bird, much in the same manner that Eisenhower flipped Eden the bird in 1956. By allowing Edward Snowden safe passage from their countries, as he flees American snoops without a passport and with felony charges hanging over his head, Xi and Putin clearly indicate that the so-called Pax Americana is over. It has collapsed in a web of lies, corruption and deceit, not least of the People who elected it into office.

Unfortunately, the American political system does not provide for the People to force its president prematurely out of elected office. So American will have to wait some 40 months before they can take their revenge on the betrayal from within.

IRS targets Obama’s enemies in extraordinary scandal

May 18, 2013

“We are in the midst of the worst Washington scandal since Watergate. The reputation of the Obama White House has, among conservatives, gone from sketchy to sinister, and, among liberals, from unsatisfying to dangerous. No one likes what they’re seeing. The Justice Department’s assault on the associated Press and the ugly politicization of the Internal Revenue Service have left the administration’s credibility deeply, possibly irretrievably damaged….Something big has shifted. The standing of the administration has changed. As always it comes down to trust. Do you trust the president’s answers when he’s pressed on an uncomfortable story? Do you trust his people to be sober and fair-minded as they go about their work? Do you trust the IRS and the Justice Department? You do not.” Peggy Noonan, ‘This Is No Ordinary Scandal’, The Wall Street Journal, May 18, 2013

President Obama, albeit sheepishly, acts as though these scandals are unconnected to the White House.Like the chief of police in Casablanca he is shocked, shocked, to discover in the newspapers what has happened! President Obama, however, is deeply connected to these scandals. He is not a bystander, like you and I. This happens to be his administration. The Justice Department and the IRS are his executive agencies. He runs and oversees them.

In this column, I focus on the IRS scandal, once again. For it is much the more serious of the two. There are two parts to the IRS scandal. The first is the obviously deliberate and targeted abuse harassment and attempted suppression of conservative groups. The second is the auditing of taxes of conservative political activists.

In order to suppress conservative groups the IRS demanded donor rolls, membership lists, data on all contributions, names of volunteers, the contents of all speeches made by members, Facebook posts, minutes of all meetings, and copies of all materials handed out at gatherings. When asked what its members were reading, one group responded: The U.S. Constitution! Now I can assure you from first hand experience that these questions are not routinely requested by the IRS. When The Locke Institute applied for 501 (c) 3 status in 1994, it took about a year to secure that status. But the questions were always fair and politically unbiased. And that was during the administration of President Bill Clinton, who was not above a dirty trick or two to harass his supposed enemies.

The second part of the scandal is the auditing of political activists who have publicly opposed the administration. Such politically-oriented audits constitute the use of government power to intrude on the privacy and shackle the political freedom of American citizens. The purpose is to overwhelm and intimidate – to kill the opposition, audit by audit by audit. Such behavior is to be expected of such low-lives as Vladimir Putin, Tsar of All the Russias. Perhaps now it must be expected by such low-lives as President Obama, Tsar of the United States of America.

Shame on you Barack Obama! You disgrace the high office that you are privileged to hold.

Is Vladimir Putin a nuclear terrorist?

December 13, 2012

In November 2006, Alexander Litnivenko, 43,  a former KGB agent who was living in London after defecting from Russia, was poisoned with polonium-210 while drinking tea at the Millenium Hotel in Grosvenor Square.

He died a slow, painful death, succumbing to the poison three weeks later, at a London hospital.  Confirmation that he had been poisoned with the radioactive substance, available only from one of the world’s nuclear powers, seriously damaged Britain’s relationship with Russia.

Mr Litvinenko wrote a letter on his death bed directly accusing Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, of arranging to have him poisoned. Andrei Lugovoy, a former KGB agent, who was present – together with another Russian, Dmitry Kovtun –   when Litvinenko drank the poisoned tea, is named by prosecutors as the principal suspect in the case. Russia has refused to send Lugovoy to Britain for questioning.  Lugovoy is now an elected member of the Russian parliament. He achieved this position with the strong support of then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Alexander Litvinenko may well have been serving as an MI6 agent at the time of his death. He may have been interviewed by MI5 while on his death bed.  Such possible relationships will be kept secret at the request of the British government during the forthcoming full inquest concerning the nature of his death. The Metropolitan Police Service is already fully informed about any such  relationships.

Ben Emerson, Queen’s Counsel for Litvinenko’s widow, Marina, states that she wants to know whether her husband’s death was a ‘targeted assassination of a British citizen committed by agents of a foreign state in the sovereign territory of the United Kingdom.  If this were proved to be the case, it would amount to state-sponsored nuclear terrorism on the streets of London.’

Vladimir Putin must be assumed innocent until he is proved guilty. That is a rule of law that sadly does not exist in Vlady’s Russia. Nevertheless, when George W Bush peered into Vlady’s eyes and saw a good man’s soul, he may well have been unaware that Vlady was wearing contact lens. After all, W was never the brightest bulb in any room. And Vlady does not appear to be a man from whom one would ever purchase a second-hand car.

By the way, although I am English, I thankfully do not like tea, especially, if I may say so, when it is Russian- brewed. Just in case, Vlady, just in case…

Hat Tip:  December 13, 2012

Vladimir Putin, Tsar of all the Russias

October 5, 2011

Vladimir Putin has already announced his intention to take back the presidency of Russia from his puppet, Dmitry Medvedev, in 2012.  He has also announced his intention to retain the presidency for 12 years, until 2024. 

Such is the sorry state of Russian democracy, that Putin’s intentions will be realized. If necessary, ballot boxes will be stuffed, rival candidates will be terminated, and media criticism will be suppressed. In the Hobbesian world that is Russia, the people are only too willing to prostrate themselves before this Leviathan.  The ex-KGB thug once again will openly assume absolute power over the people.

Vladimir Putin, however, aspires to much more than this. His expectations reach back to the reign of Ivan the Terrible, Tsar of all the Russias. To this end, Putin intends to reimpose Russia’s iron grip on much of the former Russian/Soviet empire. Russia itself is far too small to satisfy the rising ambitions of this little man.

“Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has proposed forming a ‘Eurasian Union’ of former Soviet nations, saying the bloc could become a major global player competing for influence with the United States, the European Union and Asia.  Mr. Putin, who has lamented the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union as the ‘greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century,’ denied that his proposal represents an attempt to rebuild the Soviet empire. But he said in an article published Tuesday in the daily Izvestia that the new alliance should emerge as ‘one of the poles of the modern world, serving as an efficient link between Europe and the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.’ Vladimir Isachenkov, ‘Putin floats idea of former Soviet nations forming bloc’, The Washington Times October 5, 2011

 Under Putin’s prime ministership, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have already formed an economic alliance that has removed custome barriers in mutual trade.  They are to introduce unified market rules and regulations on January 1, 2012. As one will understand these rules and regulations emanate from Russia, rather than through negotiated compromise. 

 Tsar Putin has now signaled his intent to restore the Kremlin’s sway over other former Soviet states with non-democratic leaderships in an ‘authoritarian consolidation’.

‘He is busying himself with the gathering of the lands’ wrote journalist Pavel Sheremet in a blog, using a medieval term for the conquest by Muscovy of its neighbors. Charles Clover and Isabel Gorst, ‘Putin urges creation of Eurasian Union’, The Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2011

One suspects that Pavel Sheremet may not be long for this world.  A cup of tea, Mr. Sheremet?

Putin already has his greedy eyes on Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, anticipating that both countries will join the grouping.  A little further down the road, Ukraine and even Georgia, may feel the Tsarist yoke tightening around their unwilling necks.  First, however, Tsar Putin will have to restore his military to pre-1991 strength. Russia’s recent experience in skirmishing with Georgia cannot raise any immediate confidence in Muscovy’s expansion through force of arms.

Surely, Putin’s designs for a Eurasian Union do not stop at the level of a customs union. He already talks about the creation of a common currency – the rouble no doubt is on his mind.  But  the Eurasian Union will become much more than that:

Mr. Putin’s language was reminiscent of ‘Eurasianism’ – a hard-line ideology that has gained a following in Moscow’s ruling circles and which argues that the territory of the former Russian empire is a single, indivisible political and cultural unit.  Alexander Dugin, head of the Eurasian Movement and a noted proponent of the idea, said Mr. Putin needed an ‘ideology, a reason why he needs to come back.’  Charles Clover and Isabel Gorst, ‘Putin urges creation of Eurasian Union’, The Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2011

Vladimir Putin does not need an ideology in order to return to his natural role. All he needs is a craving for power – which he has in plenty.  Nevertheless, Alexander Dugin is a man to watch as the new Eurasian Empire emerges.

No cup of tea for Mr. Dugin. Unless his ambitions unwisely rise too fast, and reach too far!

Vlady rematerializes as Russia regresses to feudalism

September 26, 2011

Vladimir Putin has been preparing for re-materialization since spiriting out of Russia’s presidency in 2008.  He returns in a body rejuvenated by hair transplants and face-lifts, much like aging Hollywood freaks who aspire to youthful roles on the silver screen.  

He returns to the political arena with a bizarre country and western public relations makeover, burnished by riding Harley Davidson motorcycles bare-chested, while singing ‘Blueberry Hill’ off-key and live, for hopefully screaming teenage fans.  Vlady’s implanted hair may be too thin for a Willie Nelson ponytail, his smile too mean, and his eyes too empty; but Willie, nevertheless, appears to be the role model to which Vlady currently aspires.

Except that Willie is a good’ ol’  tax-evadin’ free-market capitalist who would not be seen dead in Vlady’s feudalist domain. And who would never imbibe anything as potent as a Vlady-made cup of tea brewed out of some enticing nuclear facility. Unlike from President Obama, there will be no Vlady reset forthcoming from Willie Nelson, however much Vlady courts a Russian-style Grand Ole Oprey audience.

For sure, Willie Nelson would not look into Vlady’s eyes and identify an uplifting soul. Willie would look into Vlady’s eyes and identify Ol’  Nick himsel’: the Devil that will take Russia back into the stone age.

Vladimir Putin has finally cut his puppet’s strings.  Medvedev has decided to step down from Russia’s presidential election in 2012, rather than risk the ‘cup of  tea’ resolution.  Russia’s electorate will confront Hobson’s choice, as Leviathan demands subservience or Siberian exile in the Hobbesian social contract through which the Russian people prostrate themselves collectively before the jack-booted feet of  their Tsar.  

Hopefully, Tsar Putin will not follow the example of Tsar Stalin in imposing death by starvation on total populations that challenge his feudal authority, as Stalin did with respect to the Ukraine in 1932. But, as Machiavelli noted in the early sixteenth century, it is far better for a Prince to be feared than to be loved.  For love is under the control of the bestower; whereas fear is under the control of the Prince.

When an entire people chooses serfdom over freedom, feudalism over democracy, one cannot have much sympathy for the fate that awaits them under the rule of a malevolent Leviathan. For every Russian surely understands that Vladimir Putin is the Devil, however much he pretends to be the Savior of his nation. When they vote in the upcoming Russian elections, they will surely not be voting for Paradise Regained.