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Egypt’s Islamist Coup

November 24, 2012

Egypt’s secular liberalists, and  the Western journalists who inhaled too many of the vapors floating around Tahrir Square during the misnamed Arab Spring, no doubt awakened to a nasty shock of reality over this weekend as President Mohamed Morsi gifted himself with dictatorial powers over Egypt’s legislature and Egypt’s courts. In due course, folks, it looks as though we shall see yet another  Egyptian Pyramid constructed by non-Islamist slaves in the Egyptian desert.

The Islamist coup, perpetrated on Egyptians by President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood supporters, was a direct consequence of the Obama administration intervention in the conflict provoked by Hamas against Israel in the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, I suggest that it was an intended consequence of that intervention. President Obama and Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton are intent on opening up  avenues for complete Shi’ite and Sunni dominance over the entire Middle East.  White House ordnance staff  envision the word Palestine and not Israel as defining the once-hallowed Holy Land. When President Obama claims that he has Israel’s back, that is precisely what he means.

President Morsi acts as though the demonstrators who deposed Hosni Mubarak in 2011 simply wanted to put in place a new dictator – albeit one who wears a beard, is grossly obese, and facially grotesque, and who carries with him a well-worn prayer rug – for a relatively benign secular dictator.

President Morsi evidently believes that those Tahrir Square  demonstrators were asking for more dictatorship rather than less.  Surely, he now claims more power than Mr. Mubarak ever possessed or asked for.

“Mrs. Clinton and President Obama had said nothing as we went to press, though a State Department spokeswoman issued a tepid statement saying that the U.S. had ‘concerns’ and calling for ‘checks and balances’.  The Obama administration has invested its prestige in a moderate Muslim Brotherhood, and it may be loathe to admit that this hope might be going the way of its Russian ‘reset’, or its claim that the ‘tide of war is receding’. ‘Egypt’s Islamist Coup’, The Wall Street Journal, November 24, 2012

Do not forget to carry your prayer rugs with you wherever you go, Messrs Obama and Clinton. And when you kneel to pray, make sure that those rugs are always carefully aligned in the direction of Mecca.



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