The campaign BS ends and the middle class should brace itself for a fiscal screw

So ends the most contemptible presidential election campaign in living history. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney took the election into the gutter, with negative advertising that disgusted all serious-minded members of the electorate. Those who vote today – a little more than half the eligible population – will do so on the basis of lies and obfuscations by two candidates who hold them all in supreme contempt.

As post-electoral reality dawns, when the dust of November 6 finally settles, the middle class – the target of both candidates – will wake up to a recognition that it was targeted all along,  but not at all in the manner portrayed by the billions of dollars thrown down the toilet of campaign excess.

The reality is this. The poor will be screwed, but no one promised them better. They will be screwed by savage cuts in Medicaid, whether imposed by the federal government or by the states.  They will be screwed from the cradle to the grave, without any onion-induced tear trickling down the face of the White House occupant.

The reality is this.  The middle class will be screwed, without remorse or apology by the winning candidate. Medicare and Social Security will be trimmed significantly, both for those who aspire to, and for those who currently enjoy, its expensive offerings. Ages of access will advance, to 70 years in the first tranche.  Benefits will be trimmed for everyone who falls within the expansive net of the middle class.

The rich will not be screwed, at least in the same sense as the poor and the middle class. Because the rich can afford to live outside the welfare state, they will be relatively unscathed by the austerity program. Taxes no doubt will rise for them, as taxes will undoubtedly rise for the middle class, but ultimately the rich can escape that net. Tax havens will lay down the red carpet for those who decide to migrate from vengeful taxation.  One or the other of the two presidential candidates no doubt will walk that welcoming carpet.  In the case of tax havens for the wealthy, as Atlas Shrugs , Says’ Law surely applies: supply creates its own demand.

Wake up, middle class. Your head has been too long in the sand. Open your wallets and pay your dues. Leviathan demands no less from its most populous subjects. ‘Yes. you can’.

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